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Located in Avon, OH (just west of Cleveland), Asian Adoptee Summer Camp has been welcoming adoptees since it's beginnings in 1988. AASC was originally known as Korean Culture Camp until 2022, when we opened the doors of our community to welcome all Asian Adoptees. International adoptions out of Asia peaked around 2005, and have been decreasing ever since. However the needs of adoptees in the U.S. remain the same. 

We have a high staff to camper ratio that ensures every camper at Asian Adoptee Summer Camp has an amazing and unique camp experience in a safe and fun atmosphere. A large portion of our counselor staff is made up of former campers, returning to give back to the community that helped them thrive as children. We also include first generation Asian Americans, and adoptees who have not attended as campers. Our diverse staff from across the country helps broaden our community and give the kids many different experiences. 

We are a traditional Summer Camp with a legacy of rituals - both new and old - that are unique to Asian Adoptee Summer Camp. Our schedule consists of traditional camp activities - indoor and outdoor games, sports, camp fires, free time for socializing, etc. Our activities unique to the adoptee experience include - culture/cooking/arts "classes" to learn about their culture, group discussions regarding adoption broken up by age group, one on one opportunities for campers to speak with counselors, and themed evening cultural events such as the Night Market and a traditional Korean dinner.

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